“Shannon, God has given you promises to hold onto, learn them little by little, day by day.

Love Dad”



I love you, take time to enjoy each day. Love Dad” 

Love, Dad

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Dad’s Site

Quick link to my dad’s blog regarding Immune Health, and attacking cancer:

Restoring Immune Health


Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn.” – Dad


Dad Said

I have discovered you are only as strong as your brain thinks you are. If your brain only gives you the wiring to light a 4 Watt bulb, it is only through a lot of repetitions that the wiring increases so you can light a 6 Watt bulb. From 4 to 6 is a great percentage jump, but it leaves a lot of room when you’re aiming to light 100 Watt bulb.” – Dad


He’s doing well